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Once upon a time..

The Erbprinzpalais and the Schlosspalais used to be stately homes of the Earl of Wernigerode family. In the Erbprinzenpalais, lived Count Albrecht I of Wernigerode. It is known that he was never married, but only few people know why.
Mathilde was a young pretty tailoress. Adored and admired by the count for her creativity and attention to detail, she was regularly invited to Wernigerode, to his most beautiful mansion - the Schlosspalais - with the most beautiful view of the castle.

In addition to her craftsmanship, the result of which were many beautiful dresses and suits, the Earl liked her youthful lighthearted nature and the flair for everything beautiful. He fell in love with Mathilde at the first sight, ever since she first visited Wernigerode and was introduced to him as a gifted tailoress.

The count was shy and avoided public appearances most of the time. No one was to speak to him or even touch him. He did not care about fashion because he usually wore black or dark gray clothes. Yet when Mathilde first met the count, she did not know that, of course. Immediately, she grabbed his hand, dragged him to a mirror and offered him the most unusual colors and patterns to cheer him up. After all, she had been hired as a tailor, not to spend time in silence with the low-spirited earl.

She sewed all night, and the next day, when the count got up, he found ten new robes, all in new colors and each with a special pattern. His heart lighted up and everyone at the court wondered what had happened to him, because he smiled at everyone and gave them a friendly greeting. When he met Mathilde, he thanked her for making his spirits high and as a gift he gave her no money and no cattle, but the most beautiful mansion of Wernigerode - the Schlosspalais.

Of course it was not just the clothes he was paying for. He had a bigger plan. Of course, if Mathilde lived in the palace, he would see her more often. Gradually, he lost his timidity and met Mathilde more often, initially under various pretenses. When she also announced that she had fallen in love, Albrecht was overjoyed. However, the public was never allowed to know this, as it did not suit a count like Albrecht to marry a simple tailoress. So he never married and always met her in secret. After some time he had a secret walk from the Erbprinzenpalais to the Schlosspalais built so he could meet his Mathilde even more frequently and even more inconspicuously. 

One day there was such a heavy storm that the count supposedly drowned in the secret tunnel when he tried to meet his Mathilde once again. But Mathilde was no longer to be found from that day on either. Some say she could not stand it anymore living without her Albert, alone in the big house, with all the memories. Others believe that this was a cunning plan which let the lovers live happily ever after in an unknown place until the end of their lives.   

The love story can still be found in individual letters in the Schlosspalais and the Erbprinzenpalais. 





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